3 Tips About How to Choose Outdoor LED Display

  • 2019-08-19
How to choose an outdoor led display? There are three major points, pls keep this in mind:

1. Flatness

In order to ensure that the displayed image will not be distorted, the surface flatness of the outdoor led display must be kept within ±1mm. If this requirement is not met, the surface of the led screen is uneven, which may cause the outdoor led display to have a blind angle in the viewing angle when playing the video. Therefore, flatness is a major factor in judging high quality outdoor led screens.

2. Brightness

Generally speaking, the brightness of the outdoor led screen should reach 4500 cd/㎡ or more to ensure normal outdoor display work. Otherwise, you will not be able to see the content being played because of insufficient brightness. Therefore, if you want to buy a good outdoor led screen, you should pay attention to the quality and brightness parameters of the led lamps.

3. White Balance

When the ratio of the three primary colors of red, green and blue is 1:4.6:0.16, the led display screen will display the most pure white. Therefore, if the led display produced by the outdoor led display manufacturer slightly deviates in the ratio of the three primary colors, the white balance will be deviated, which will affect the display quality of the outdoor led display. Therefore, white balance is also very important when purchasing led displays.

The above three points are my suggestions. Everyone wants to have a good display effect when purchasing an outdoor led display, so it is necessary to purchase from the aspects of flatness, brightness and white balance of the led display.


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