How to keep your LED displays safe in 2020

  • 2020-06-11
It has been a very hard year in 2020 because of the epidemic.
Many LED displays may stay in the warehouses or stay off outdoor for a long time because of the lock-down.
Many of our dear clients already know it, but we still would like to remind you of this important issue.

If keep LED displays off in high moisture environment for too long time, a big risk of dead LED lamps would be continuously appearing.

The most effective way to avoid moisture to destroy the LED display is to switch it on frequently. The working LED display itself will generate some heat, which can evaporate some water vapor, which greatly reduces the possibility of moisture causing short circuit and dead LEDs.


If you keep the LED display in your warehouse on standby for more than 15 days, please switch it on once per week to reduce the humidity for the LEDs and components:

Switch it on by following the below steps strictly:
1, Gray scale 50, power on 30 minutes
2, Gray scale 100, power on 30 minutes
3, Gray scale 150, power on 30 minutes

4, Gray scale 200, power on 30 minutes

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