How to make the LED screen work safely for a long time

  • 2020-09-20

How to make the LED screen work safely for a long time

How to make LED screens with long life time

We can sometimes see news about where the LED screen caught fire. This is not alarmist. If the customer only pays attention to the price during purchasing, and does not pay attention to the material and design details, there will be a certain risk for LED display to get spontaneous combustion. How to make the LED screen can be used safely for a long time? The good quality of the LED display, from wire and other materials to the cabinet design, will eliminate the risk of short circuit and spontaneous combustion. Besides, we also need consider the details of heat dissipation when make the design.

With years of experience, SightLED will share with you what materials and details you need to pay attention to when buying LED screens.

1. Wires: LED screens need a lot of power cables, and the quality of the wires on the market varies from good to bad, copper-core wires must be used. In order to pursue low cost to meet customers' low price requirements, some manufacturers choose tin-clad copper or other materials instead of pure copper core wires.

2. Power supplies: Avoid using poor quality power supplies and try to use well-known brand power supplies. Special attention should be paid to some other details, such as the quality of the terminal terminals and so on. The load of each power supply cannot exceed 80% of the maximum capacity.

3. PCB boards: If the material of the PCB board is inferior, the copper coating is too thin, the design is unreasonable, the process is poor and the copper wire has burrs, etc., which will lead to the risk of short circuit and become the source of hidden fire risks.

4. The heat dissipation system of the cabinet: When the LED display screen works at high temperatures, the cabinet design must have a reasonable and effective heat dissipation design. If the cooling air duct plan is unreasonable, it will cause dust to collect on the fan spindle, power supply and motherboard, then problems such as poor heat dissipation, short circuit of electronic components, and stuck electric fans may happen.

5. Installation and maintenance:

1) Install air conditioners or industrial fans: the larger the size of the LED display, the higher the consumption, and the higher heat will be generated. Especially in summer, it is difficult to dissipate heat. Therefore, it is necessary to install air conditioners or industrial fans for big size of LED screens to help cool it down. Controlling the working temperature of the LED screens can extend the life span of the LED screens.

2) Don’t let the LED display work at 100% brightness for a long time.

3) When installing, make sure to connect the positive and negative poles of the power supply, ensure the circuit connection is firm, etc., and remove the flammable materials around the LED display. And regularly arrange professional and technical personnel to test and inspect the LED display.

Our SightLED team pays special attention to the layout and design details of the cabinet to ensure that the cooling system of the cabinet is reasonable and can be used in high temperature environments for a long time. So far, some of the outdoor LED screens we have sold have been working for nearly 10 years, and the performance is still pretty good.

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