Some Advantages of Outdoor Full Color LED Display

  • 2017-11-28
First, perspective is wide. Door appearance to stick full color not only has over 110 degrees in the horizontal direction of wide Angle of view, in the vertical direction also has more than 110 - degree wide Angle of view, this particular have an advantage in some application places, such as MRLED, hanging in the sky of the outdoor LED screen requires a broader perspective to show better advertising effect.

Second, good light distribution. Red, green, and blue oval LED brightness in three different perspectives on the matching of consistency is a highly difficult index, and full color SMD because design structure for the triad structure, three red, green, and blue chip in the bowl of a stent, in different point of view of red, green, blue three kinds of brightness matching consistency highly consistent, so as to make the outdoor full-color table stick piece to the brightness of the LED screen in any Angle consistency is very good, get better vivid effect.

Third, mixing light well. Due to design structure for the triad, three chip distance is very close, in the same bracket cup bowl mix light, rather than three separate oval LED, so the red, green, and blue mix light effect is good in upright elliptical LED screen, especially suitable for a closer look.


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